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Brain’s Top 25 Games | 15-11

We’re almost to the Top 10 portion of my Top 25 games of all-time, but first we’ve got another five that are near and dear to me to get through first! While this batch has another relatively new game, I’m also really digging back into the annals of history with another one.

Part 1 | 25 – 21

Part 2 | 20 – 16

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Brain’s Top 25 Games | 20-16

Moving right along to the next five in Brain’s all-time top 25 vidya games. We’ve got some indie gems and some bigger selections that will probably make people angry for not being higher. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it!

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Platforms: Nintendo Switch (played), 3DS
Developer: Inti Creates
Release Date (WW): 3/09/2017

The original Blaster Master is highly regarded by most to be one of the great action-adventure classics of the original Nintendo Entertainment System – “NES” to the layperson. A sprawling game – it dared to define exploration as more than just left and right, but also up, down, and all around in a time when few games tried to. Now IntiCreates steps up to the plate to remake the classic for the next generation of Nintendo systems. Will it capture the same essence decades later?

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