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Rock(man) the Vote | Which is the best Dr. Wily Stage music?

Rock(man) the Vote | Which is the best Dr. Wily Stage music?

Since the release of the first in a now long series of games and spinoffs in 1987, the Megaman games have received critical acclaim for having great soundtracks. The sounds and music created with such now technologically primitive sound hardware sounded and still sounds awesome to the day. Some of the more memorable Megaman music tracks have come from the final set of levels in each game, the Dr. Wily levels. In this post I lay out my three favorites and ask you all to decide which is the best.

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Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018

Happy (non-Chinese) New Year! As we kick off 2018 (Twenty Great-teen), I wanted to take a moment to wish all half-dozen of my readers a happy new year and wishes to a great year of life and gaming. 2017 was a terrific year for new games, and we’ve got some more on the horizon. Here are a handful of my anticipated titles for the upcoming year.

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Brain’s Top 25 Games | 15-11

We’re almost to the Top 10 portion of my Top 25 games of all-time, but first we’ve got another five that are near and dear to me to get through first! While this batch has another relatively new game, I’m also really digging back into the annals of history with another one.

Part 1 | 25 – 21

Part 2 | 20 – 16

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