Rock(man) the Vote | Which is the best Dr. Wily Stage music?

Rock(man) the Vote | Which is the best Dr. Wily Stage music?

Since the release of the first in a now long series of games and spinoffs in 1987, the Megaman games have received critical acclaim for having great soundtracks. The sounds and music created with such now technologically primitive sound hardware sounded and still sounds awesome to the day. Some of the more memorable Megaman music tracks have come from the final set of levels in each game, the Dr. Wily levels. In this post I lay out my three favorites and ask you all to decide which is the best.

Megaman 2 – Wily Theme 1

Of course this is in the running. There’s a reason why this is almost universally considered one of the best music tracks from the NES – it’s awesome! And while I’m not disputing that, I still think these others can keep up with it, or possibly surpass it (though by the slimmest of margins).

Megaman 3 – Wily Theme 2

This was the “newcomer” to my reconsideration of what the best Wily stage track could be. I never owned this one growing up so I was more drawn to Megaman 2 for the longest time, but replaying this one on the collection that released a couple years ago made me realize that Megaman 3 had a hell of a lot going for it, including a soundtrack that measures up to it’s immediate predecessor.

Megaman 10 – Wily Theme 1

This theme is great enough on it’s own, but the build up is what I really liked about it. This stage starts off oddly quiet as you begin a rainy approach the Wily base. Then you encounter the first sub-boss of three for the stage;  a set of robits with the powers from Elec Man, Wood Man, and Gemini Man from Megamans 1 – 3. After defeating these guys you probably haven’t thought about for decades the main theme kicks in and now you know you’re in a Wily Stage. Below is a video of a crazy damage-less run through the stage so you can see what I mean while doubting your own skills at Megaman.

That’s enough out of me. What do you think? Which is the best Wily stage theme (out of the three I have decided are at the top of course)? Is it possible I am missing one for consideration? (No.) Vote and leave a comment below to let me know!

3 thoughts on “Rock(man) the Vote | Which is the best Dr. Wily Stage music?

  1. Ok so I haven’t played Megaman… any of them. I know, right? I know. But the benefit is that I can listen to these songs without the nostalgia factor (and isn’t that the challenge of assessing retro game music?). I’m a blank (dumb) slate, and the song that really strikes me is MegaMan 10, theme 1. Complex and layered! It sounds technically difficult to play — probably as technically difficult to play as the game level itself, which is fitting.

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    1. Not dumb at all! Very thoughtful explanation! Megaman 10 was released in 2010, so it may have been easier or “cheating” to compose something that sounds technically harder to play with the tools available now (versus 1988).

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      1. Hm interesting! Yes very likely! And it probably appeals to me more because 2010 music feels right to me at my age as opposed to 80s music (although I do appreciate 80s music, I wouldn’t call it mine).

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