Steam Roulette

Steam Roulette

It’s way too easy to build up a huge library of games on Steam, even without trying, or having Scrooge McDuck wealth. Seasonal sales, Humble Bundles, even just normal deals are easy enough for a person with a bit of disposable income to rack up the titles. For the average joe, this usually amounts in games coming in faster than games being completed. What a waste! Who knows what treasures are there, already owned!

Here’s an idea that I saw for dealing with unsightly Steam backlogs that I thought I would try and chronicle on here. Hopefully I’ll find some hidden gems amid the unplayed noise and make all those sales over the years count!


  1. I will use the site What Should I Play On Steam to identify and play a game from my library. This site takes your Steam ID as input and randomly selects a game from your library.
  2. I MUST install and play that game for an hour, no matter what. Well, with the following exceptions:
    1. If it’s a game that I’ve actually already gotten all the achievements in, I’ll draw again.
    2. If it’s a random game in an episodic series (Telltale, etc.), I will play the first episode of that series, or the next unplayed episode. For example, if I draw Back to the Future Episode 3, and I haven’t touched that series yet, I will play Episode 1 for my hour.
    3. If it’s an old multiplayer only game that’s completely dead now, I’ll draw again.
    4. If it’s one that’s already come up in the Roulette, I’ll draw again.
  3. After my hour is complete, I will give a quick impressions write-up on here and rate it in one of the following categories, both here and in my Steam library for later.
    1. Want to Come Back To – This was actually fun! A diamond in the rough. The Steam experiment was a success!
    2. Maybe Later… –  I didn’t have the greatest time, but if I ever find myself unemployed or stuck with an abundance of free time with all my main interests completed I’ll think about it.
    3. Garbage – This was a crappy game that I have no intention of playing again.

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